El Dorado Hills Get's a New Cell Phone Tower.

Posted by Matt Eichmann on Friday, October 11th, 2013 at 7:51am.

Anyone living or visiting El Dorado Hills can attest that our hilly terrain and topography makes it an intersting place to live, and affords us some amazing views. Unfortunately they'll probably also be constantly complaining about their spotty cell phone reception.  The Marina, Lake Forest, and Silva Valley at Serrano Parkway are particularly bad. Like many others, I myself have become accustomed to either not making calls at all, or warning the person on the other end I'm about to cut out when traveling down Serrano Parkway toward Silva Valley.

Currently El Dorado Hills has two FCC registered cell phone towers, both registered to AT&T and shared with other carriers. One is above Bass Lake Road, and the other on El Dorado Hills Blvd in the open space between Crown Village and Governors village. There has beeen interest in placing a 68 foot "monopine" tower in Marina and Lake Forest neighborhoods since 2010. In july of this year the El Dorado Hills Community Services District held a meeting with local residents and a site specialist from AT&T to discuss the proposed site in Lake Forrest Park. The proponets see it as only a good thing. Restoring service inside their homes, and bringing the CSD some extra funds in the form of leasing fees from AT&T. Despite those benefits to coverage, an even more vocal group is concerned about the placement. Arguing it will be an issor and disrupt local views no matter how well disguised.

When it comes to the Silva Valley cell coverage problem, there is more open land and less issue with blockage of views. Luckily, a site was found without much problem atop the hill behind the Lakehills Covenant Church. It is also a "monopine" design that disguisses the tower to look like a tree as best as possible. Obviously not exact, and still somewhat noticeable when driving town Town Center Blvd, but well worth it for the benefit of better coverage.

The tower's installation was being finished up in early October, and hopefully we'll be seeing some better cell phone coverage  in the area once it's brought online.

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