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One of the more common questions I get asked on a regular basis, by both buyers and sellers, is "when exactly is the busiest time of year for real estate?" The answer can of course vary from market to market, but typically the answer is always druing the summer months. In El Dorado Hills, and the Sacramento region in general, that is typically beginning now, and going until late Septmeber/early August.

Below is a graph that shows the number of homes actively listed for sale (light green) during every month over the past year. The data is pulled directly from the local MLS, so about as accurate as one can get. Clearly Dec-Feb are the slowest months, with May-Early Aug being the busiest.

So if you're looking to buy, clearly this is the time of year

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El Dorado Hills Real Estate Summary.

As we head into Fall, the El Dorado hills real estate market is still moving along at a relatively healthy pace. With an average price per square foot still in the $190 range, we continue to see some of the best sales prices we have in years. 

A buyer's market?

The recent market recovery leading to these higher average sale prices has lead many underwater and fence sitters to finally list their homes, increasing the extremely thin inventory we experienced in the spring and early summer.  This, combined with the typical fall slowdown as many buyers tend to get busy with the holidays, means the market has tipped slightly toward buyers.

Below is a graph that gives a good depiction of this trend. It shows the

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Anyone living or visiting El Dorado Hills can attest that our hilly terrain and topography makes it an intersting place to live, and affords us some amazing views. Unfortunately they'll probably also be constantly complaining about their spotty cell phone reception.  The Marina, Lake Forest, and Silva Valley at Serrano Parkway are particularly bad. Like many others, I myself have become accustomed to either not making calls at all, or warning the person on the other end I'm about to cut out when traveling down Serrano Parkway toward Silva Valley.

Currently El Dorado Hills has two FCC registered cell phone towers, both registered to AT&T and shared with other carriers. One is above Bass Lake Road, and the other on El Dorado Hills Blvd in the open

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El Dorado Hills Real Estate Summary.

 The El Dorado HIlls real estate market continues to stay strong as we head into the second week in October. As we saw last week, home prices have definitely stopped their steady increase of the past months, but are holding steady at what are still the some of the highest prices we've seen in years. Evidence of this can be seen all over El Dorado Hills. With builders resuming construction in Serrano with the Bass Lake Villages, the lots along the 14th hole, and the steady completion of new homes in Blackstone along Latrobe Rd. 

The price per square foot is still strong for the average home sale in the area, holding steady in the low $190's the past couple of weeks. The big noticeable difference this week insn't

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El Dorado Hills Real Estate Summary.

Not too much to say about this weeks numbers...they are almost identical to last weeks. Average price per square foot, and the number of homes sold and pending are almsot identical. That is of course somewhat good, and bad. Good because they are pretty strong numbers, still one of the strongest months for prices we've seen in a few years. Bad, however, because, it does seem as though home prices have officially stopped their upward momentum here in El Dorado Hills and the surrounding areas. The question now is, once they start moving again, in what direction will they go? 

 By the Numbers.

Below is a high-level snapshot of the market performance for single-family residences in El Dorado Hills. The data is for

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El Dorado Hills Real Estate Summary.

The numbers for this past week do show some signs that the local El Dorado Hills real estate market is beginning to slow. This entire year has shown a pretty steady trend upward in demand, and of course prices, with a nearly %20 increase in the average sale price.

This was of course caused by extremely low inventory, and a high demand that was spurred on by low interest rates and bargain prices. As a result, a lot of homeowners who were thinking of selling got off the fence and decided to list their homes. Resulting in a increase in the number of listings over the past two months. This coupled with rising interest rates, and a tiny shrink in the demand, has put us back into a more balanced market where supply

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El Dorado Hills Real Estate Summary.

For now the local El Dorado Hills Real Estate market continues on the way it has for the past few months. The number of total active listings continues to rise, and the number of buyers willing to buy seems to be holding steady for now. Of course that applies to the well priced, maintained homes. The average days on the market of homes that have sold is still right in that 2-3 week range, while much of that active inventory is consistenly in the 2+ month range without accepting an offer. 


 By the Numbers.

Below is a high-level snapshot of the market performance for single-family residences in El Dorado Hills. The data is for the week ending in 8-4-13.

El Dorado Hills Housing Data          

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El Dorado Hills Real Estate Summary.

It's a little too early to tell just yet, but the numbers from this week and last seem to be showing the beginnings of a shift from the market we've been experiencing for the past 6 months. As you've no doubt seen in the news, this market is characterized by near record low inventory of homes for sale with many, many buyers competing for them. The past two weeks however, have shown a good increase in the number of homes coming on the market as sellers take advantage of higher prices, but conversely, a smaller number of homes actually selling.

These sales were of course begun over a month ago. The real test of whether things will have slowed down slightly will be the numbers that come in a month or so from now,

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The rapid increase in home values in El Dorado hills has been a blessing for homeowners, particularly those that have decided to sell their homes over the last 6 months. As you've seen on this site, there has been a real imbalance in the real estate market as of late, with a large scarecety of home up for sale and an almost insatiable demand from buyers leading to very happy sellers. But there has been an upside even for those homeowners that have decided to stay put despite the rising market.

One of the big benefits of the rising prices for many homewoners is that it now makes it possible for them to refinance their home, and take advantage of the incredibly low interest rates. Especially important for those homeowners with less than 20%

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El Dorado Hills Real Estate Summary.

For now the El Dorado Hills Real Estate market seems to be staying relatively steady with an average of about 20 new listings per week, and about as many homes going pending. A pretty good sign that the local market is beginning to head toward finding some balance in between an extreme sellers and extreme buyers market. Could be the higher interst rates discouraging a few buyers, the higher prices pushing out most investors, or the increased supply of sellers as home prices increase. Either way, the local market is beginning to look a little more back to normal.


 By the Numbers.

Below is a high-level snapshot of the market performance for single-family residences in El Dorado Hills. The data is for the

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